Material Essentials 1.1

How do you use this? I downloaded the blend how would I apply the node to my own object

You can copy and paste the node into your own .blend file. If the textures don’t transfer you can try importing the file in there instead.


Well does not seem to work in Blender 2.8 :man_shrugging:


I guess they’ll have to fix it later, there might be equivalents between 2.79 and 2.8 but there is a major difference when you accidentally jam in some other things(new features), that shifts other features into unintended functionality.

It’s mainly because a lot of the shaders used aren’t in blender 2.8 yet. I believe Maplestick created this before the principled shader was a thing. Pretty sure you can easily convert this to blender 2.8 by plugging in some parts of the node setup into a principled shader.

Is there any chance you’ll make an updated version of this?

With new materials coming out and all, I think a 2.0 version would greatly help GFX artists.


Sure, why not?

It’s about time i used proper normal maps as well.


Thanks a lot dude, this is “the light, at the end of the tunnel”

@maplestick Does this work on 2.9 and 2.8?
Didn’t tested it out yet

EDIT: Tested it out now, works perfectly fine!

Bruh I thought this was made like today… just found out it was made in 2017 yet it looks epic.

Amazing that this is publicly available. Should provide beginners to blender an easy set of workable materials. Thanks for this!

Wow thanks this is really helpful!

Does it support 2.9? blender at all

This looks well made and cool!

That sounds super good for Roblox textured renders but I don’t feel soo much comfortable about advanced renders

I think so, it works for me in 2.91

are you updating this @maplestick


  • Updated to Blender 3.0
  • Added new materials; Glass, Plastic, SmoothPlastic. Glass works best on 1.0 transparency.
  • Added the Reflectance attribute.
  • Added the Transparency attribute.
  • Material textures have been updated to the latest in-game variant.
  • Materials now use tangent space normal maps.
  • Reduced node clutter
  • Improved the brick material’s color accuracy.
  • CorrodedMetal should now function properly.

Download: Blend Swap | ROBLOX Material Essentials v1.1


Oh my god. Yes, I just looked the materials up today randomly, and it says:

I’ve used these materials SO much in my GFX. Glad you updated them!

It’s like this post was meant for me.

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While this addon speeds up the process of applying materials to exported maps tremendously, there’s still lots of potential to make it more streamlined. Though doing so would require some scripting, which is beyond my capabilities.

Ideally, i want the user to be able to press a button and have blender apply the correct material type and color to all parts of the model. This should absolutely be doable. Roblox exports models with metadata containing all the part colors and associated material textures. If we could make a plugin that reads that information and pastes the node tree in every material it could cut hours of repetitive work into seconds.

If you know how to script in python and you’re interested in this, please let me know.

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