Material that matches Terrain Water?

I have a system that loads terrain water when the player is close to it and replaces it with a big blue block when they are far away. I have matched the color as best as I can for viewing at low angles, but since water changes appearance at different angles, its not very good at matching at any other angle:

Is there any part material that can be used, e.g. within the new Material Manager that can do a better job matching this appearance?

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I believe you can just get a water texture pbr then convert that to a MaterialVariant. Then just set the MaterialVariant material to the one you are using for the block.

I haven’t used PBRs. Do you have a good guide for how to use these?

I haven’t either, but just upload the PBR terrain water with a full metalness map and no roughness map. Then, you need to somehow use the “.dds” files in the water folder to animate it.