Material UI Design

Decided to fool around with UI styles and layouts, this is the end product.

Feedback and tips on what to improve would be appreciated!
I used @Meex_Dev’s smooth slider

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Great UI Design! I like the style you’re going for.

With that said, I do have a few nitpicks.

  • The store and settings page are somewhat obvious as to what they’re all about, but the two lower icons (especially the last) are harder to understand right away. I would either add headers to the page they’re currently on, add a tooltip for when you’re hovering over an icon, or maybe both.

  • A very minor issue, but I would add more whitespace to where the divider is on the settings page.

That’s all. I hope it’s to some help.

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Looks great. I wish there were more UIs like this.

But yeah, like said above, you can maybe add names for each icon (For example, below them, or display it when the mouse hovers over it).

… Also, obviously there’s a close option, right?

amazing UI style its really good really organized and i like that you can enable gore into the game

@Vanniris @0skarian Your feedback has been taken into consideration, I’ve made changes and updated the thread. The feedback is much appreciated.

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Post has been updated to include the shop UI, additional feedback would be appreciated!