Material UI loading spinner 2.0!

V2.0 With high quality image!

This tutorial works on deprecated and new version

Using Play Gifs on Guis (changed by me)

Hello! Want use material UI loading spinner, but you can’t find how to make it? This tutorial for you.

1. Download Material UI loading spinner 2.0.rbxm (9.5 КБ)

(or deprecated version with low quality spinner Deprecated loading spinner.rbxl (34.9 КБ))

  1. Click on StarterGui with the right mouse button

  2. Select “Insert from file”

  3. Select the downloaded file

  4. Open the “Loading spinner image” and select the [[Settings]] script Снимок экрана 2021-11-14 173600

  5. Change the parameters (there’s an explanation at the bottom)


Use the main google colors (blue, red, yellow and green)
Like this: (on white background) 573d075a962b92fd405b8fbca977a9fe


If true - (IsColorful.Value = false ONLY) Change color to black,
If false - if IsColorful.Value = true - nothing, if IsColorful.Value = false - white color


true - (IsColorful.Value = false and IsDark.Value = false ONLY) using custom color,
false - not using custom color


RGB color of spinner. Working if IsCustomColor.Value = true ONLY

Result: Material UI loading spinner result - YouTube


Thanks mate.
I will try that very soon

Does this work like a custom loading screen I insert the script and it loads like that.

It’s work. But if you don’t change in AnimateGui script on last line “script.Parent” to location of spinner, parent (if it’s imagelabel) of the script will be a big spinner

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I really like that adobe after effects watermark on ur gif.

it’s example from google photos

No I meant that “AE” text bottom the bottom of the gif

It looks amazing! I did a few tweaks that might be useful for anyone who is using this

If yall find that the loading spinner is too slow or too clunky
In the AnimateGif script change the variable FPSs right near the top of the script to a FPS speed that you desire. Im currently using 60 as it resembles the speed in the gif.

When setting the IsCustomColor variable to true and CustomColor to whatever color, you might get an error
In the ColorScript, find the line or block of code which says

script.Parent.ImageColor3 = script.Parent.CustomColor.Value

by pressing ctrl+f or cmd+f and pasting the line of code. Change the script.Parent.CustomColor.Value string to script.Parent.Config.CustomColor.Value and manually set the CustomColor value in the Config folder to your custom color.

If you want my current tweaked setup and are lazy to do the above, here you go: Fixed loading spinner.rbxm (6.5 KB)

Hopefully this helps!

Note: Please do not change anything else in the scripts otherwise you might break the loading spinner…


Good! Thanks you for bug fix

This is a text

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Can you make it a model so I don’t have to download a file? :wink:


I can’t publish models now by no reason

Why can’t you? Have you hit the asset limit?

Publish failed.
Code 50x (maybe 502)

Thanks alot! you’ve solved my problem thanksss

Hey! is there a way to make the rotation much faster?