Material Variant wont upload

I have been trying to upload a silk material variant and each time i do it says the uploads fail, I don’t understand why, the images I uploaded are direct maps and everything but each time I try I get this error code: Error uploading asset, responseCode 500

I don’t know what I am doing wrong honestly.

This is the material maps I have

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Ther were a lot more images, and I tried all the ones I had, of every resolution I had access to, none of them work. Same error for each of them.

thoes… seem to be too big

Upon googling your error"
" This code appears when a user tries to upload a file that exceeds the server’s file size limit ."
and then looking at the files sizes that you sent… yeah thoes are too big.

" The max image size you can upload is 1024x1024 without downscaling . If you upload something bigger Roblox will just shrink it down to 1024x1024."

however since roblox would auto downsale your images… I dont think thats the main problem…

Legend has it… error code 500 is an internal server error
so it might not be just you.

how are up uploading the images?

(try uploading the images one at a time using the asset manager.)