Materials flicker back and forth constantly on Xbox

Materials are flickering every other frame or so while I’m playing on Xbox. This seems to only happen when the camera is moving. While being stationary no flickering occurs. The flickering only occurs on surfaces with materials, so the entirety of terrain is flickering. Characters seem fine, maybe because they are SmoothPlastic?

Unfortunately I don’t know how to record on Xbox so there is no video or screenshot.

This is happening on , and using the new Voxel lighting technology. I’m using an Xbox One X 1TB console.



We tested this internally and were unable to see any issues. We tested this on ALONE, as well as a couple other games. We will need additional information or a video to investigate this further.


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Here is the best shot I could get while recording with my phone:

This shows flickering only on certain objects with materials applied + terrain, so it should be obvious enough that it’s not just the phone camera or the TV screen causing it.
Some things I’ve noticed:

  • The flickering only appears when you are close to the surface of the object.
  • The flickering is bluish in appearance, leading me to think it might be an issue with texture(normal?) maps.
  • The flickering does not appear on any GUIs or the sky. Only on terrain and parts.

It’s not super obvious, I’ll try to get a better video of it soon.



Just following up on this. Are you able to try using a different monitor / tv? We are unable to reproduce it internally and are wondering if its just the pixel latency on whatever current monitor / tv you are using.

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