MaterialService materials darkening w/ Weak normal map

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Hey there! not sure if this is the right category to post this in but I’m still giving it a shot regardless. Recently I’ve been experimenting with one of the newly implemented features, UGC Materials. Its simple enough transitioning the material from substance designer over to studio and keeping it as a generic material, but when converted over to a terrain material the overall look of the texture becomes a bit dim and monochromatic with little to no detail on the surface. The lack of detail is probably due to studio not being able to co-operate with height maps currently, which is fully understandable, but the colour one is inexplainable.

In substance painter:

Inside studio as a generic material :

And this is where the issue occurs. Terrain :

Quite confused as I had no idea the colour would be impacted & the normals on these are literally non-existent whereas on the generic material they’re barely visible.

Sadly cant seem to find any solution on here too as I’m assuming not too many people have experimented with creating their own textures for this feature.

Thanks in advance! - Remnants.

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Bit late but ive found that you have to set the part/terrain color to white (255,255,255)

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I dont know how I didnt think of this at the time but it’s clear now!! Much appreciated. Marking it as the solution so anyone else is able to see if they come across the same issue :).

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