MaterialTextures - Script that automates adding custom materials w/ textures

MaterialTextures is a script that automates the process of adding textures to objects to imitate the look of Materials - essentially counteracting the Material update we’re receiving soon. You can either add back legacy textures; or use the one provided, which has 2009 material textures along with some legacy textures to replace missing material textures, like plastic.

I suggest you use this script if your models look bad with the new update, or if you’re using it because you don’t like the update in general.

Get the legacy textures from this post right here: Roblox-og-textures - Let's take it back to a better time - #2 by JackADevil

Anyways I’ll stop stalling, here’s the model: MaterialTextures - Roblox

Reply if you want to ask any questions - if you want to know how to add custom textures or add the legacy textures back, check out the script’s internals. There should be a comment there that will explain that to you.

Here’s an example of what games look like with the script:

(Game: Super Bloxy 64, Script version: Provided)

(I tested the script in a game with legacy textures and it looks fine, I can’t show it here because the devforum refuses to upload it for some reason lol)

Here’s an example of some materials with the provided version of the script, rather than legacy:


Sounds interesting, but most will ignore a post without examples.


I suggest you add some examples so that people will not skip this post because it’s a really useful resource.

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I’ve updated the script because I noticed the texture size was too small. Oops. I also made it so that way you could change the size if you wanted to.