Mathematical shorthand operators have been broken in some numerical input boxes


In the Properties panel, a feature request was put in and implemented that allows you to use mathematical operators in number fields. For example, you can type 5*5 in a number field, and it will be transformed to 25 when you press enter.

This feature works great in some userdata entry fields such as Vector3. However, in UDim expanded input fields, “pure” number fields, such as LayoutOrder, Rotation, ZIndex, and in “range” number fields, such as Reflectance and Transparency, this feature is broken because the input boxes only accept numerical digits as input. If you attempt to type * or /, the input is ignored. This has been the case for a few months, but I do believe it to be a bug because it is inconsistent for this behavior to work in some number boxes but not all of them.

In the following video,I will attempt to write 5*5 in every box.

You can see that this shorthand works in the “text” form of UDim2s and Vector3s and in the expanded form of Vector3, but does not work as expected in the expanded form of UDims or numerical fields.

The “bug” in this case is that the code that only accepts digits as input does not account for arithmetic operators as being a valid input in some numerical fields, when they are actually valid.

Properties window doing mathematical calculations?

This seems to work for Scale, but not Offset. I’ll add a bug for this.


I hope you’ll make it functional in normal Number fields as well?


Which field(s) are you referring to?


Transparency, Reflectance, CollisionGroupId, BackgroundTransparency, LayoutOrder, Rotation, ZIndex… these are all Number properties but you can’t input anything other than digits and sometimes periods. You also can’t use the shorthand in the expanded form of Vector2s.

It’s just very inconsistent. I think it makes sense for these operators to work in all number fields.


Unfortunately, this bug has still not been fixed. All properties listed above still do not allow math shorthands. Any update?