Math.noise() to make a map

If your asked to explain the topic to a new player and does not know what is perlin noise, how would you make then understand easily?

I would just send the resources I used to study from about math.noise, namely the red blob games website terrain from noise Props to @ThanksRoBama for showing me this website in this series of post in this thread, theres another for the function on what noise from a red blob games article is exactly.

Math.noise vs math.random and more in the article below:

Whoops forgot @okeanskiy, and his noise tutorials to relate it to roblox further.


what is a 2d noise actually? a blur boxes?

also you need to be 18+ or u can understand?

who says you need to be 18+ to understand this?


probably because i forgot basic scripting after i read this

So you actually need Trigonmetry (3 sides measurement concept in maths)? to learn the links you posted?

It would help i guess, but you can understand it without trig

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