Math.random cant return a number less than 1

i need a math.random that returns a number from 0.02 to 0.08, but it always returns 0. how could I solve it?

local randomnumber = math.random(0.02, 0.08)
print("number is:" ..randomnumber)

math.random returns integers.

Try using

Or divide it by 100[ the result]:

local randomnumber = math.random(2, 8) / 100
print("number is:" ..randomnumber)

See more here:


Have you tried

local randomnumber = math.random(2,8)/100
print("number is:" ..randomnumber)
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I mean you just kinda write your solution then edit it to include mine

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I already knew that method,
But erased it and gave her a nicer method, which is

People can have the same thought, does that mean they steal it from each other? no.

it worked perfectly, it returned the right number, but I wanted to put the script in a recoil system on my weapon, is it possible to use math.random to use it in CFrame.Angles?

Yeah it may be true that you thought of the idea, but it is a little convenient that 30 secs after my simpler one, you update yours with mine.

Yeah, if you wanted random angles on all 3 axes, just plug it in:

local function getSmallRandom()
	return math.random(2,8)/100

CFrame.Angles(getSmallRandom(), getSmallRandom(), getSmallRandom())

I think you mean like this?

exactly what i neeeeeeeeeeded, tysm!

Just adding into the thread that if you don’t want to rotate it alot, Ensure to use math.rad to get the value in radians. Putting the “raw” value itself might not go that well if it is really big/small.

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Oh yeah sorry I forgot to mention, CFrame.Angles takes in radians, as @MeCrunchAstroX mentioned, use math.rad to convert it to radians.

Or maybe you wanted it in radians :man_shrugging: it’s unlikely though

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