Matt's Portfolio | Builder and Environmental Artist [Open]

Hello, my name is Matthew, I’ve been building on Roblox for 5 years now. I can work on a variety of different styles, from realistic maps to low-poly/cartoony aesthetics.

Each commission is optimized using a variety of different optimization techniques and sorted into folders. I’ve worked/currently work as a:


Listed in no particular order. Some work is not shown given the nature of that particular project(s).

Abandoned Hardware

Pro Hospital

Coming soon!

Bunny High

The Last Days Reborn

The newest, most immersive version of The Last Days to date.

Blox Angeles

A new open-world Los Angeles-based “ro-banging” game.


The Quarantine V2

Work currently being done in The Quarantine V2, a post-apocalyptic, open-world border/faction-based game.

The Quarantine Joint Factions Base

A factions base for various faction activities.

Pro Border

Pro Border is a border roleplay game created by Sebee23 - Roblox Youtuber.

I am responsible for:

  • Various optimizations on the map. Including optimizing models, lighting, removing excessive parts, removing unneeded terrain, etc.
  • Creating various unique models
  • A redo of the interior of the border as well as large new additions.
  • An aesthetic somewhat similar to the existing map (pre-redo) was done, as well to match the map layout.

[💥 KEYCARDS] Pro Border - Roblox

Rev/Redline Studios

Mid-poly buildings keeping/improving on current building style.

Unnamed Island Project

I was responsible for creating this island using my own assets and assets made.

The Amend Hospital

A separate map within The Last Day’s universe. Currently being worked on!

Maps for Nothing to Fear

These maps are for supernob123’s up-coming horror game, ‘Nothing to Fear.’

Abandoned Gas Station

Description: an abandoned Mexican gas station for an up-coming horror game made with @Codetrix. Realistic style.

Gas Station front



Video of Sandstorm/Gas Station


Point Pleasant Town

A town built with @Codetrix for supernob’s up-coming horror game. This town is based off of the real-life town where Mothman originates from. Low-poly realistic style.




Looking down Main Street


Forest Map

A forest map with surrounded by cliffs. Contained in the map are ruins, a cave system, log cabin, as well as a cliffside over-looking the sea.

Fallout Town

A post-apocalyptic town based on a fall-out themed environment.

Japanese Train Station

Abandoned Japanese train station map

My Hospital

My Hospital is a brand-new game where players create their own hospitals and serve patients. I am the main builder/environment designer for the map as well as having created several assets for the game. Assets seen in the shop and map were not made by me.

The Last Days

Description: The Last Days is a personal project of mine - I’m the main developer/main builder for the map. The map is based off of the Last of Us and is a massive, post-apocalyptic world with (as of now) 70+ unique buildings, an extensive road system, combined with mountains, hills, lakes, and oceans.
Still a WIP.

2018-2019 map

This is the old map for The Last Days. A new map is being built with a similar theme/environment. This map took roughly 1 year to get to the point it is currently at but will remain unfinished as I focus on a much more realistic, optimized, and explorable map.

Urban Center/Abandoned office building

The Hospital

The City

City Hall

Blackwell Academy


2020 map

The second version of the Last Days universe, these are now outdated.

2021-present map

Now working with @FIorentius, we’re creating the best map version to date!

Older Work
New York Commission

A batch commissioned New York buildings, built in a realistic style together with @Codetrix. Nine buildings were commissioned off of their real-life counterparts.

New York City - Department of Homeland Security

Governor’s Mansion

Heath Trust

Residential building

NYC City Hall

NYC Supreme Court

NYC International Hotel

All the buildings together

US Army Base

Description: An army base commission based off of a real-life army base. Several buildings from the base was made to appear as their real-life counterparts.

Galley and Headquarters



Misc. building

Minsk Building

Description: a building based in Minsk, tables/trees/streetlamp for staging purposes only. Realistic style.

Minsk building

Central Athens Project

Description: a three-building project based off of three buildings from Athens. Realistic style.

Maximo’s Mansion

Greek Parliament Building


Concept work

General concept designs done with realism in mind.

Atsu Church

I am available for roughly 50-60 hours of work a week.


  • All commissions are optimized and are sorted neatly into folders.

  • Progress pictures are always posted once a commission has started.

I accept USD (PayPal) or Robux (via group funds.) For specific pricing, please contact me on Discord detailing as much about your commission.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum @mer5000 or on Discord matt_12#9585
Thanks for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:


Kinda late but I really recommend this guy! He is very efficient in his job and makes detailed builds.


How much would you charge for a parris island marine corps base?

Sent a DC chat invite look forward to chatting

hey! i’d like to have you help make a map for my game. please message me on discord. phorba#8385

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Hey! I’ve just added and DMed you on Discord, Tik#7186. I hope to speak to you soon.

What can I say, Your buildings are just perfect


Latest commission finished together with @Codetrix for @thesurrogate’s project


Latest commission done by Codetrix and I for @supernob123’s newest game.


I definitely recommend working with mer! He’s professional and hardworking and will get your assets to you in a timely fashion–not to mention kind and a pleasure to work with! He gets a 10/10 recommendation in my books. If you do not hire mer then you are missing out!


This guy commissioned me a few minutes ago and I came across his portfolio. His builds are phenomonal and a really nice guy to work with. Defo recommend.

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Vouch/Review from @thesurrogate for his New York buildings commission :slight_smile:

Would you be willing to work alongside me on a Long-Term or Short Term project? I am looking to build a large map. In an Apocalyptic/Desert Style and you look like the perfect guy!

I can pay per asset, fixed pay, montly. No USD Sadly

Thank you for your interest, please DM me on Devforum with further details :slight_smile:

Latest commission, ‘Point Pleasant’ for supernob’s upcoming horror game.


Wow, I almost thought some of them are real :joy:


Recent work:


I have been informed that several persons have been using pics from my portfolio and Codetrix’s portfolio to be hired. Please do not believe them, only person(s) that we work with are with each other, and no one else.

Have you ever done sci-fi work?

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Was wondering if you were available for a job? My discord user is blubberpug#8760