Max 1000 Clothing items Account without manual approval

Yep. I know groups that don’t bot as much as some of the top suspects do yet would still make 20,000 to 50,000 robux per month easy. Even if it loses value because it can’t be devexed, there is still millions of robux to be sold on the black market.

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Also, these clothing makers are typically extremely easy to find and are usually consolidated in groups. Literally all you have to do is go to recently updated and you will see tons of copied clothing appearing every few seconds. It is not hard for Roblox to track and shut down these groups while also getting rid of the robux they’ve essentially stolen from legitimate clothing makers. Roblox simply doesn’t care.

Yes, these are all different accounts

This is barely touching the surface, it’s just the few accounts I bothered to find in two minutes. Pretty sure one guy owns all these accounts I’ve shown and he’s probably getting away with a few hundred thousand robux per month, if not more.

Even if Roblox is trying to shut these people down it obviously isn’t doing anything. The profits will always outweigh the cost of opening up another hundred accounts and groups. This requires a rethinking of the catalog.

I may seem harsh on Roblox but it seems like they’re deserving of some harshness. This is a huge problem that not only ruins the catalog and harms real creators (yes, I think they should be considered developers too) but also fundamentally allows dishonest and illegitimate people to get away with profits, that just isn’t a good feeling. This has been around for almost two years.

This isn’t my first post on the subject and it won’t be my last. The same thing about the catalog always comes up and Roblox always ignores it.