Max 1000 Clothing items Account without manual approval

As a roblox user, it is currently too hard to buy and find clothing due to a massive flood of botted clothing filling the catalog, making it extremely hard to navigate. As a roblox developer/designer, it is extremely hard to sell clothing without being out competed by bots that copy your clothing hundreds of times over.

This feature would slow down and cut profit of botters, by requiring them to be checked for botting activity .Clothing Uploads past the 1000(or 250/500) mark would put you on a queue for a moderator to look at your clothing assets to make sure you aren’t botting clothing.


This makes a lot of sense to me. Something needs to be done. Personally, I think that BC should be required to upload shirts/pants – It’s a quick fix that prevents those theoretical 1000 botted assets in your proposal.


So basically a system where bots can just create a new account and continue to upload stolen shirts there, won’t work.


Uploading shirts requires builders club, which costs money to the people uploading the clothing.


The money they make from botting greatly exceeds $5 a month or they wouldn’t do it in the first place.


It wouldn’t if they were uploading 1000 shirts per builders club account, instead of 100,000+


I think something along these lines could certainly work, but maybe not at 1,000.

What if a single upload triggered a moderation review that automatically pulled up similar-looking clothing?

What if a similar review was repeated near 10, 100, 500, 1 000, then every increment of 1 000 after?

What if the reviews were not at exact upload numbers but done at random, becoming more and more likely as it got near certain checkpoints?

I’m not convinced this is a good idea, but it certainly sounds like something that would work.


Whatever those bots make is rendered useless… They can’t dev ex because the Robux was ill-gained

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They don’t dev ex, they sell it on the black market.


Oh okay, so this is way more out of hand than we thought… I’m assuming these bot programmers have algorithms to determine which shirts/pants sell the best and just make hundreds of copies.
Here is my suggestion:
When uploading a shirt/pant.

Would this stop botting?


There are services people can pay for in order to quickly solve captchas, and the price for a month of builders club is much higher than the price to solve 1000 captchas.


Someone just told me about this, I’m just looking into different methods of solving this disaster.
Moderators should have the tools to detect spammed clothing. Honestly, why even have the catalog open if people abuse it. It’s unfair, and it’s chaotic.

The way I see it, it’s either your original idea – or close the catalog to verified developers only. This can’t go on forever.


1000 per group doesn’t seem like a very practical limit. That’d still allow a LOT of clothing items to be made. I think a better limit would be something like 10 clothing items allowed per group per day. I highly doubt somebody would need 10 items to be uploaded at once, and even if they do need that many in a short span of time, surely waiting a day to upload more wouldn’t be a problem for them.


I believe a smarter approach would be to specifically track down spam-uploading of assets, especially by new users.

While I don’t have access to any concrete data, it stands to reason that bots will most likely go through popular clothing items and upload them at incredibly fast rates, rates which an actual clothing designer would not upload their own clothing.

Looking for users which spam-upload clothing would probably be an effective method to tackle this issue.


I agree that 1000 is a bit high; but I’ve made bulk uploads of clothing and know some others who upload up to 50 or more at a time. I’d be ok with that number as long as there was a provision made for developers to upload more than that default. (Even 20-30 I feel is a bit better than 10)


Sounds pretty decent, at least something good to try! Personally I’d go for maybe 1/4 or 1/2? Even 250 shirts/pants seems like a pretty huge bulk to pass through and have pass up as not looking suspicious, while at the same time being a pretty high ceiling unless you’re actually making clothing.

I do feel checking on numbers like these on older groups would help too. After all, once the faucet of botted clothing is closed, it’d just be a matter of getting a bot to check groups for huge numbers, and mark it as something to manually check.

With both of those done, I’d think the only problem we’d need a solution for is “What do we do with the botted clothing, which doesn’t involve deleting it and upsetting everyone who purchased it?”


250 is a reasonable number; the reason i came up with 1000 as a number in the first place was that it seemed like an extremely high number for anyone to be uploading if they were personally making the clothing themselves.


I just checked the recently updated section on shirts, and I couldn’t find one that wasn’t uploaded by a bot until i reached the 5th page. No one should be able to upload 1000 clothes in a week and not have their account inspected by a moderator, much less 100,000 in a month or two


Roblox should focus on improving the criteria needed to get on the front page and THEN focus on making it harder for botters. Captchas, making a cap before your account needs to be inspected, etc etc are just temporary solutions that will help in the short run bot not in the long run as bot owners will just learn to get around it.

The front page of the clothing catalog can only be fixed by completely renovating the clothing catalog, with something along the fix i proposed in this post. Theres no fix for the relevancy front page of the clothing catalog, other than completely removing it; it will always get botted or exploited.

Making a cap isn’t something people can just get around though; uploading clothing requires builders club, and limiting the ammt a botted account can upload to 999 without automatically getting caught makes it economically nonviable to bot clothing.:yum: They can do it sure, but why do something if you make a net loss?