Max length of UserId?

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I just wanted to know what is the limit, if there is one, of the UserId of a player ? For example is it from 100000 to 999999 ? I did some research but got no answer :confused:

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There is no limit. If someones UserId is example; 959959659659695695656956954, than that can be used as it is a valid UserId.

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As the player count on Roblox grows larger on a daily basis, there is no set limit to the length of a UserId, as this would essentially be setting a limit to the amount of players that can join Roblox. The number just goes up by one every time a new player joins the platform.

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Do you mean a roblox username or the users Id?

BTW this is a very interesting question. :grin:

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UserIds are unsigned 64 bit integers, so 0 to 18,446,744,073,709,551,615.


For the User id :slight_smile:

If it is the user id then it may go as far as the number of people increases.
That means it may go to infinte.

But if 100M people join the roblox at one day Roblox may crash.
This could be because Roblox has only made a code for like a certain number of people and as the people increases Roblox may increase the number of User Idโ€™s.

Well these all my guesses.
Donโ€™t think I am a proffesional scripter Iโ€™m a new scripter. :grin:

I was just trying to be helpfull. :smiley:

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