Max Parts in a folder Script

Hello, I am trying to figure out how to script when a folder has max parts it will stop , anyone got any ideas?


You can get the number of instances in a folder by getting the length of its children:

local instances = #folder:GetChildren()

With # you can get the length of a table since GetChildren() returns a table.

Otherwise if there are parts and models in the folder and you only want to get the number of parts you can filter them using the IsA() function.

local partsCount = 0

for instance, index in pairs(folder:GetChildren()) do
    if instance:IsA("Part") then
        partsCount += 1 -- Add 1 to the parts count

Heres my Example Script.

local folder ='Folder')
folder.Name = 'folderParts'
folder.Parent = workspace

local maxparts = 40
local parts = 0

	parts = parts - 1

while true do
	if parts < maxparts then
		parts = parts + 1
		local part ='Part')
		part.Parent = folder
		part.Position =,20,20)
		game:GetService('Debris'):AddItem(part, 10)

Note: Script can be inaccurate or what so, just make that script as example.

You could make it so before adding a part to the folder you check if it already has the maximum amount of parts, and if it is, you just use the return keyword

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