Maximum Developers Are Hiring

Yes I guess you can if you like i have no issue

Hey, I would like to apply as a builder

well contact me on discord if able it is Approval#8753

I have made other change, it is that we are only looking for somebody to make an Ad not logo

I’m a experienced developer. @Pacblack70

Sorry but i have JUST gotten a builder sorry, thanks for applying

make sure to update your post to not give people wrong hopes of applying for an already taken position

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I understand ALSO the Builder position has been reopened, when applying please put your discord username in the comment if thats how you choose to contact me

For the animator position, what do you mean by the planes flying and launching?

I mean this as in animating a plane jets turn on, or a player getting inside (opening the door hatch)

That’s not just animating but also rigging. Might wanna increase the price of animations because rigging is required.

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Ok i understand but i may not increase on a large scale

I have increased it to 1000R$ (Or $10 USD)

Large Edits have been made to the post!

sorry but i not understand is animate Plane Fly mean we need to Rig that Plane right?

Would you be paid first, or make the model then get paid?

you would make the model then get paid

also it is about to be changed as e are not paying people to make planes

I know I have made quite a few replies in the last few minutes but this one is important, I have updated my contact info for discord (I needed a Capital A)

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