Maximum event re-entrancy depth exceeded for Instance.Changed (x13)

As soon as I try to write something in any script (module, local, script doesn’t change) it gives me 13 times Maximum event re-entrancy depth exceeded for Instance.Changed

when I add anything I go back for example if I write local it becomes ocal l and adds a lot of righi


(Roblox studio was also crashing, but it always does when I try to script)


you need a denounce or to disconnect the .Changed event on the instance. You get this error because it’s calling the event over and over and Roblox sets the amount of times an event can be called in a certain amount of time.

doesn’t work, I can’t even write, counting that whatever I write disappears and crashes roblox studio

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wait are you saying that when you launch into roblox studio it crashes with that error?

if so it is probably a plugin you have installed doing it

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. I also tried to reinstall it but it doesn’t work

I only have a few such as Load charcter that have never given me problems

well it must be a plugin or something ummmm can you get to your plugin manager before it crashes and just disable all your plugins

Ok, I’ve fixed the problem! Thanks


Please don’t mark something as a solution if it doesn’t actually solve the issue :confused: I’m having same issues atm

Hey there! My problem was a malicious plugin, you could try disabling all the plugins and then one by one check which plugin causes the problem and then disable it

Those are some of the links I used to understand the issue along with the @retr0_11001 replies
How to inspect the source of plugins
Cleaning your game from malicious scripts, plugins, and backdoors

Hope this helps!