PROFIT: This is a group game, and which you will receive 30% of the game’s profit when it’s ready to go! You;d probably ask how will profit be earned within the game too? We are looking at adding customizable weapons and abilities to the game (shop) and we also have a character shop for people to change into preset characters like a clone trooper. We’re also adding a dull lobby which will be expanded into VIP rooms (there are 2). Furthermore, getting credit wouldn’t be so easy, so we will allow players to buy credit.

WHAT IS THE GAME ABOUT: Max’s Mod are GMod minigames! Instead of 1 full release of just murder for example, we’d have multiple including Terrorist in Terrorist Town, Murder, etc.

THE GAME SO FAR (What has been done): We finished the core game system that will scramble the minigames and choose. We also finished a leaderboard and ranking system, and will soon add an elo system to the game (optional for players to turn on [rage control]). So far we finished only Terrorist in Terrorist Town, and yet it still needs polishing and other needs. There are a lot more features soon to come.

WHAT WE NEED (Who we are looking for): We are looking for a committed member to our team that will help us make our game better. We are currently in need of a special effects/tool coder, that will help us make the tools for the game (example : the sheriff’s revolver), however we’re looking at a full on gun system for all the minigames like picking up weapons, etc. We also need an animator. If you can do both, great! If only one, it’s okay, just message me for further details about it.

Any questions, just comment below. Interested, just comment below and also add me on skype! technokobe!
:slight_smile: Hope someone can help!

Group: (logo is temporary) haven’t had time to contact a gfx artist

Adding you on Skype (drjonj)

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