May 10 2024 Off-roading epic changelog

New junk :sparkles:

  • :world_map: Map updates:
    • Updated trucker spawn on longcreak map
    • Added airship hangars to longcreak and desert maps
    • Desert map updates

  • :oncoming_automobile: New vehicles:
    • Added 1 monster truck
    • Added 2 swamp buggies
    • Added 2 blimps
    • Added 1 UTV
    • Remodeled UFO

  • New trailers
    • Added 50 ton heavy hauler trailer
    • Remodeled XL over sized trailer

  • Trucking :truck:
    • Revamped trucking UI
    • Speed limit of 35 MPH on arctic deliveries
    • Changed type of car hauler trailers to flat
    • Added support to more trailers for flat deliveries
    • Pallets can be hauled in some pickup trucks
    • Changed finish keycode from C to F
    • Changed start keycode from E to F
    • New checkpoint sound
    • Added storage tank, steel coil, pressure vessel and storage tank #2 deliveries
    • Removed wind turbine segmemt, oversize dump truck, electrical transformer and trailer house deliveries

  • Other stuff:
    • Dirt bike chassis changes
    • Removed event badges from game page
    • Rain/hail sounds now fade in/out
    • Added weather setting
    • Lightning updates
    • Revamped snow textures

Fixes :bug:

  • Fixed checkpoints on heavy mixed freight delivery
  • Fixed gas can animation cooldown time
  • Fixed gas can animation on console
  • Fixed refuel vehicle prompt position
  • Fixed haul vehicle prompt position
  • Fixed where you couldn’t refuel tall vehicles using the gas can
  • Fixed a few checkpoints on pallet delivery
  • Fixed starter truck position in vehicle menu
  • Fixed where you couldn’t spawn a trailer in the first 10 seconds of joining the game
  • Fixed where you would lose load vehicle and object placer tools when joining trucker team

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