May 3, 2024 Off-roading epic changelog

Some stuff:

  • New vehicles: :helicopter:
    • Added 2 new helicopters
    • Added 1 new hot air balloon
    • Added 1 new code truck
  • New stuff:
    • Freecam has been added to the game, to use press shift + p or type /freecam in chat
    • Added floor collision to two semis
    • Added tent placeable object
    • Added notification when mouse control is enabled
    • Added more spacing between controls in vehicle control UI
    • Added UGC store to shop menu
    • Added tool giver at spawn building to desert map
    • Added UGC store to longcreak map
    • Added 1 new code: 65kVotes
  • Changes:
    • Vehicles use fuel while idle
    • Starter truck now shows up first in the vehicle list in spawner
    • Object placer and animate tools are in your backpack by default
    • Removed outline from vehicle speed UI
    • Improved flywheels on 3 steam tractors
    • Updated semi engine sound
    • Updated semi startup sound
    • Updated teleports icon
    • Updated deliveries icon
    • Updated green color in UI
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed steering wheel position on a vehicle
    • Fixed not being able to open trailer menu
    • Fixed vehicle dust effects
    • Fixed where changing teams while in a vehicle would break mobile UI
    • Fixed where resetting your character would break weather
    • Fixed weather fade times on cove and longcreak maps
    • Fixed where you wouldn’t get the push mower on the lawn service job
    • Fixed trucking delivery loads sometimes breaking
    • Fixed icon on 2023 egg copter
    • Fixed where if you left and re-entered your vehicle backup alarms would break

Helicopter chassis changes :helicopter:

  • New stuff:
    • Added speed UI
    • Added fuel support
    • Can now be hauled on trailers/tow trucks
  • Improvements:
    • Now doesn’t go up while idle
    • Backpack UI is now hidden when in driver seat
    • Shouldn’t glitch when trying to land
    • Up and down speeds are a bit slower
    • Updates to the mobile UI
    • Improved steering
    • Improved throttle control for Xbox/mobile
    • Improved steering control for Xbox/mobile
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed vehicle prompts setting not working with helicopters
    • Fixed where it would rotate when entering
    • Fixed where movement would break if you were steering and started accelerating
    • Fixed where you couldn’t steer with arrow keys
    • Fixed where it would get slow at low frame rates
    • Fixed where you couldn’t go up or down on Xbox
    • Fixed Mobile UI showing up on Xbox
    • Fixed locks not working
    • Fixed height limit

Desert changes :cactus:

  • New places:
    • Added dirt race track to desert map
    • Added new trails to desert map
    • Added airport
  • Other stuff:
    • Added UGC store to desert map
    • Added tool giver at spawn building to desert map

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