May i sell badges for robux

may i sell badges for robux in my game?

You could have a donate gamepass and give out a badge for donating.


I guess you can make the badge in like a vip room that costs robux. And for that person needs to pay you robux to get the badge that way. But I also do agree with @xander5610 with his game pass idea.

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I agree with @xander5610 and @OhLordiez, but I would advise not to sell too many badges for Robux, because badges are meant to motivate players to achieve goals in your game. This way you achieve player retention, which is only possible with free badges.


I don’t think its a good idea to directly sell a badge for Robux but if its like a badge saying that you donated then I think it would be fine.

My friend who is a member of Badgers Of Robloxia had a huge problem with this. They collect badges and make badge games, and he got a warning for scamming people, and that badges can’t be sold for robux. It was a strange incident because only a few people in BOR had this happen and all the games were identical.

Yes I don’t think there’s any rules against it plus I see lots of games that have badges where you need a gamepass to obtain it.