[MBTA] MBOC Bus Keys

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Are you having issues driving MBOC? If so, I’ll be glad to help you.

Let’s start with Doors*

Front Door - M
Rear Door - N

Now, let’s move on to kneeling.*

Kneel - R

Exterior Lights

Low Beams - Press “L” once.
High Beams - Press “L” twice.


Press “F” to turn on the A/C if you want to turn it off press “F” again.

Interior Lights

Press “J” once to turn on the low brightness of the interior lights.
Press “J” one more time to turn on the high brightness of the interior lights.

Starting MBOC Bus

Press “C” until you see something saying Day Time after seeing Daylight Mode press “Z” to start the bus.

Adding air pressure (removing the buzzzzzz sound and the red light from the dashboard.)

Put your bus on “Neutral” by pressing the brake “S” and then pressing [ at the same time. When you’ve done that accelerate until you don’t hear the buzzing sound if you want to know if the buzzing noise completely has gone you can go, first-person. Make sure your brake is ON.

How to open the door when you just spawned your bus?
Well, simply go on the front left and click on the box beside it and press the green or red button until you here a sound after, you’ve done that push the door and the door will open. (1st step.)

How to turn on the battery?
Go to the back of the bus and look at the side there should be a box saying something similar to electric press that and then you’ll see a red rectangle press that until it goes upward once, its upwards you can close it and you’re ready to go. (2nd step.)