Measurement Tool!

What is measurement tool?

This is a tool which summons a ruler for measuring purposes, it can also measure model’s sizes (and more?), I made this a resource so I can know what to add because im now out of ideas, now ill be answering questions I expect.

Why couldn’t you use dummies instead? this plugin is useless.
Because it does more than just dummies, measuring.

Theres really nothing else to say, but ill provide a video of plugin in action!

So, what should I add?


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I forgot that string format existed lmao. But I just wanted to do it quick so I made this plugin in a rush

Please don’t get mad at me or anything but could you provide a non-YouTube video? My trash phone can’t handle yt videos but this looks really interesting!

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I would but the devforum is so crappy that I can’t upload my 8 mb video. I also have the phone which can’t play YouTube either

Just wait when you get on PC.

Alright, I’m pretty excited to see it in action!

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Oh yeah, when you wait, could you tell me what features to add? Because there’s not many right now

We currently have create ruler(summon ruler) and get model size.