Mech Animations

I rigged a mech for animation, and created one, but when I tried to use the normal roblox character idle animation change script on devforum, it didn’t work. How would I make a custom idle script for this mech?

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You’ll need the parts that belong to the mech to match up to the parts referenced in the animation script itself.

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Animating a custom rig is easier in an external program, then you upload the animation with the mech. Good luck!

I fixed all the animations, and such, but the running animation isn’t playing. The idle works, but for some reason the running one isn’t working. Do you know why? This is how I’m animating it:

It’s the normal animate script in a player’s character, so i copied that and put it into starter character scripts, so it animates the mech.

There are a few places to check, but start with putting the running animation in the walk animation as well. Animate will run one or the other based on a formula using walkspeed and model height. My horse would not walk (only run) until I manually adjusted that formula.

Nope it doesn’t work still. ignore this

I actually use the custom animation override recommended by Roblox, which is to update those values via script. In other words, the same way you do.

I have a couple more ideas:

  1. Are there any bones using the same names as the parts? This can cause partial or total lockdown of the mesh. If you change rig names, you have to update the animations.
  2. In the Animation Editor, are there any “parts” with empty animation data? For example, in the picture below, the belt buckle is not a bone. Roblox identifies it on importation and for some reason thinks its a bone filled with zeros. If it does this, the animation will look like it works in the editor, but will not move when the game is running.

To fix this, remove animation tracks with empty data.

Check through for all of that, but still it’s not working.