Medatsu: Chat Commands

Warning: Use of commands for anything other than their purpose, including misuse and abuse of them, is grounds for a group-wide ban.


<Required Argument> [Optional Requirement]
Command Name and Args Description
The command prefix is /. All commands are executed in the chat.

Users (Level 0)

  • mytransactions: Displays the transactions a user has made. Both Robux and in-game transactions.
  • level: Returns your permission level. (Alias: mypermissions, myperms, permlevel, rank)
  • currentsong: Displays the currently playing song (Alias: nowplaying)
  • console: Opens the Developer Console
  • version: Returns the version the game is running on
  • c <channel>: Changes the current chat channel. c g can be used to quickly take you to general, whereas c e can be used to quickly take you to the executive channel, and c m can be used to take you to the Moderator channel. Note that you can’t switch to channels you aren’t in, or don’t have the permissions to see.

Staff (Level 1)

  • handto <player> Gives the user the item they are currently holding. Only allows food, items can only be given to customers. (Alias: give, to)

Level 2

  • commands: Gets avaliable commands (Alias: ?, help)
  • permissions: Lists in-game users by their permission level (admins,mods,staff,adminlist,modlist,stafflist,perms,permlist, playerlist, users, players)

Supervisor (Level 3)

  • spectate <player>: Changes your camera to focus them (Alias: spec)
  • unspectate: Resets your camera (Alias: unspec, spectate me)
  • staff: Lists all currently working staff members and their rank
  • stopworking <player>: Removes a players working status. Will respawn them if they are in a restricted area. Under some circumstances, they may not stop another user. (Alias: stop)
  • warn <player> <message>: Issues a logged warning to a player
  • note <player> <message>: Notes a player’s moderation history
  • tpa <player>: Asks to teleport to another user
  • skipmusic: Skips the currently playing song (Alias: skip)
  • whois <player>: Displays user information (Alias: about, info)

Manager/Trial Mod (Level 6)

  • staffalert <message>: Sends a notification to all staff members. Messages must be appropriate and related to Medatsu, the contents of the message will be filtered.
  • pm <players> <message>: Sends a private message to the specified players. Messages must be appropriate and related to Medatsu, the contents of the message will be filtered. (Alias: w, whisper)
  • respawn <player>: Respawns the current player (Alias: kill, slay)
  • timeout <player> <reason>: Bans the player from the current server for 15 minutes. Timeouts are logged on moderation history.
  • untimeout <player>: Removes a timeout
  • kick <player> <reason>: Removes a player from the server
  • mod: Teleports the user to the moderator server. Inaccessible to Managers.
  • banrequest <user> <days> <reason>: Requests a moderator to ban the user. Inaccessible to Managers.
  • commandlog [filter]: Displays recently used commands (Alias: log)
  • chatlog [filter]: Displays all chat messages. If a filter is included, messages displayed will be limited. (Alias: clog)
  • joinlog [filter]: Displays a list of all users who have joined the game
  • serverlog [filter]: Displays ALL logs (Command Log, Chat Log, Join Log)

Director/Moderator/Developer (Level 7)

  • banish <player> <days> <reason>: Bans a player from the entire game. Days is capped at 15. 0 will issue a permanent ban. (Alias: ban)
  • teleport <player> [player2]: Teleports player to player2. If player2 is not specified, it will teleport you to player. (Alias: tp)
  • history <player|userid>: Shows a user’s moderation history.
  • idban <userid> <days> <reason>: Bans a user remotely. May not immediately kick them.
  • mod: Teleports the user to the moderator server. Inaccessible to Directors.
  • announce <message>: Sends a chat message to all players in the server. Messages must be appropriate and related to Medatsu. (Alias: message, m, h)
  • event <message>: Sends an event message in chat. This command is not accessibe to the moderation department or outside the main game.

Senior Moderator/Corporate (Level 8)

  • pardon <userid>: Removes a ban. (Alias: unban)

Directors/Head Developer (Level 9)

  • pban <userid>: Permanently bans a user from all games. These bans cannot be removed with pardon.
  • transactions <userid>: Lists all of a user’s transactions
  • shutdown <reason>: Restarts the current server

Level 10

These commands are restricted to a very specific set of users. If you are unsure, you aren’t Level 10.

  • unpban <userid>
  • clearhistory <userid>
  • displayname <player> <text>
  • displayrank <player> <text>
  • admin <message> (Alias: a)
  • eval <source>
  • clear
  • pnum
  • robloxtp <players> <id>
  • sc
  • explode <player>
  • hole <player>
  • freeze <player>
  • thaw <player>
  • fly <player>
  • nclip <player>
  • fire <brickcolor>
  • smoke <brickcolor>
  • rope <player1> <player2> [length]
  • moth <player1> <player2> <frequency>
  • f3x
  • globalsoftshutdown
  • experience <userid> [value]
  • cash <userid> [value]
  • sudo <player> <message>
  • rights <player> <level>
  • rightsauto <player>
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