Media control keys also trigger normal keyboard key inputs

Pressing media keys on a keyboard (mute/volume/skip/play/pause etc) will also send a corresponding letter key to UIS.

Mute > D
Volume Down > C
Volume Up > B
Previous Track > Q
Play/Pause > G
Next Track > P

Happens all the time, and while I don’t play very many games, two of the games I do play have actions bound to C and G and pressing the corresponding media button above will trigger those actions:
Bee Swarm Simulator
Phantom Forces

Not entirely sure when this started happening, lowering my volume has caused me to crouch in phantom forces for as long as I can remember.

Edit: Seems to be a Windows only issue.


Yes, I have noticed this.

If I spam my volume control key then the character will move as though I used the WASD keys.

Here’s a recording:

I think that because this is affecting movement we can assume that it affects the contextActionService too, as default move events are processed using that.


Can not reproduce. macOS High Sierra, Corsair K70 RGB keyboard using the CKB driver

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What’s your keyboard layout?

Mine is British English on Windows (although I’m assuming that’s yours too, as you’re from the UK).

Could it be a windows problem?

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Yes, I’m using macOSes UK - PC

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Then, saying as it’s only occurred on two people running Windows, I think we could safely assume that it’s a problem with how Roblox interacts with windows and hardware on Windows.

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This still happens, When playing roblox and turning down my volume or increasing it, It triggers the keys stated in the initial post. Holding mute makes me move to the right. I wonder why it still does it. Its been 2 years since this was initially reported.


can confirm this is happening to me on my new keyboard, Razer BlackWidow Elite

Studio reports the KeyCode as “Unknown”
In-Game reports it as the previously stated in the original post



I have noticed an update to this issue. The next track and previous track will not fire as a key. However, the pause key will still fire as the “G” key.

This happens to me too and it’s really annoying. I adjust my volume with my mouse very often and it always presses the C and B keys, which does stuff I don’t want depending on the experience.

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