Medieval 3D Clothing

Some Starter 3D Clothing. This is one of the first times I’ve attempted it. I’d like to hear y’alls feedback!


I like it, It’s simple and goes together. What’s that thing on his pants though?

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A knife in a knife holder. Not too sure if I should take off the knife holder?

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Keep the knife holder on, would be unfortunate if he was running and it accidentally poked his or her leg


Great. Would like to see in a war game


I love it! Really well made, I’d like to see it in a game haha. Keep up the great work!


Haha. Indeed that would be very unfortunate.

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Glad you like it. Just put it in the game

I absolutely love the new future lighting


That would be pretty cool. O_o

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I really like what you’ve produced here,
It really in what I believe gives off that medieval maybe a basic farmers loadout.
I could see this in a game like Stardew Valley if it was in Roblox or 3D.

But I really do like what you’ve produced here.

Keep Creative and Stay Safe


Thanks Tom! After showing my Partner he suggested I make it look more Cold sense our games theme is winter. But now that I look at it. I am getting those farmer vibes :stuck_out_tongue:


love the cartoony look. keep it up!

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Cool! It kinda looks like a Jedi robe lol.

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Thanks! now that you mention that I noticed it does.

Quick question, how do you make it so the clothes move fluidly with the character movements and isn’t stationary?

I use the Standard animation style. I then export each part of Cloths separately and size it properly in Studio, Then I weld each part to It’s according Character Part. It doesn’t look perfect but with some time and debugging it works fairly decently.

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