Medieval Builders?

I might need some houses and castle built. Ping me if you are interested in contributing. Any questions let me know.

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If it’s a castle, I highly recommend AdmiralLennox. He’s an RBXDev member and he built me a fantastic castle. Of course, that’s entirely up to him but he’s my first thought.

Like classic brick battle style castles or super detailed castles? If it is brick battle, totally down with doing it.

will there be pay? or just voluntary contribution

Wouldn’t say needs to be super detailed but needs a theme though. Japanese probably.

Sure we can work out a deal if you deliver something good. Email me and we will go from there.

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Is this for an event/sponsor? Or is this for you? Or “I can’t say” kind of thing…? Interesting to have an admin request something.

What “exact” time period/region, and do you have any refernces in mind.
And finnaly about when would you need a finished product

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