Medieval House Build

I was bored so I started making this lovely medieval house, what do you think?


Oh wow the level of design on that is insane. Good job!


This looks great! Saying that the stair wobble looks slightly un natural and if the stairs have fallen into that much disrepair should the rest of the house look damaged as well. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when colored and inserted into a game.


Okay wow! This looks really good and very detailed. Good job!

Also, the door doesn’t look so much like a door, maybe change it?


I don’t see any painting. :laughing:


I forgot to add the door lolol, thx for reminding.

That house is looking really incredible! The textures on it really hit the design well! Imagine if a dragon were to burn it like in the old times

The details - Magnificent
Design? - Perfect
Overall appearance? - Awesome.

Great job on this!

Looks amazing. The stairs look a little wobbly and broken though, and the door doesn’t really have alot of detail

It’s nice!

You spelled medieval wrong though.

it looks really good, but the stairs look a little odd, keep up the good work!

On point! I would continue with this and get some textures!