Medieval Map feedback

This medieval map was made for anime fighting games, but could also server multiple purposes.
This build features

  • 450 by 600 stud map

  • 4 shops
    – Potion Shop
    – Shop for knight amour or any other type of armory
    – Shop for food
    – blacksmith shop( where players could buy swords and weaponry

  • Huge Library with water tank and particles

  • Medieval Garden

  • Huge forest with lots of details and chests inside it

  • Lots of houses

  • Tall Pillars

  • Fighting Area

  • Training area with test dummies

  • Terrain

  • 7 classes all with weapons

  • Lots of Effects like level up effect or auras in general

  • Huge Spear and Spawn Zone with clouds


I think you can add a few more details to the house, in terms of supports, as medieval houses do. Everything else is beautiful!