Medieval Map with castle - give me some feedback


Amazing work, I quite enjoy looking at the depth of the items makes the map looks nice, really nice build. BTW the texture look nice

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My God this is amazing. UNBELIEVABLE WORK. Keep up the hard work man this is just amazing!!!

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The cobblestone is really hurting my eyes, Toning down the saturation/contrast would be much better!

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This is unbelievable, i really like it. You gonna make a game from that?

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The buildings look a bit repetetive but other then that it looks great.

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no this was jus for showcase and practice

Awesome job, the low poly style looks great. What program are you using for texture painting your models?

This is amazing showcase that you have here. This reminds me of hytale for some reason.

I have no feedback for your build since its amazing. :+1:

Just wondering how long did this took you?

i think around a week or two, not sure to be honest

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i used substance painter to texture the models