Medieval Small Village

Hi! Switched up my build style and started experimenting with Medieval style buildings, I made a little village of sorts, the trees were made in blender and everything else was made in studio. Feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks!


I like it, not too big but not too small, but one thing that bothers me is in the last image the little house (dont know what to call it) it just doesn’t look right if you know what I mean. Overall really nice


Thanks for the feedback! That was supposed to be like a small clock tower, but looking at it now I agree, it doesnt really match

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I feel that colors are a bit off, either bad lightning or something else. Try matching the tree color more with the grass and perhaps add leaves underneath. (Terrain) As for windows, you could always add that neon glow effect unless you want it to be like this. Curtains behind or in front of the windows would also give it a nice effect. Never the less add some fences around it, it will instantly fill up the space. Keep up the great work.


It’s decent but I see a few issues with colors and use of texture - decal.

The building roof texture - decal looks a little bland mainly the roofs from the images are quite repetitive designs of similar identical texture medieval houses don’t have similar types of materials on the roof try adding other types of roof textures this could be shingles (tiles), something to make it not so similar to the existing ones.

I see most of the builds kind of feature a dull color scheme material you should spice up the lighting and see which atmosphere suits your liking. I find this to take away from the medieval village.

Since this is a village place few props wells, tools, wagons, logs against the build you could even have roofs that curve at different angles and different styles.

Hey this is actually pretty incredible but I think the terrain needs to be improved to feel more open and significantly larger

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The buildings look nice, but the terrain and house placement doesn’t fit. Looks too human-made for the terrain.

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Heya! Your build at first glance looks great and well done for it! Looking further, it is missing some important features which I suggest improving/ adding:

  • Lighting effects such as colour corrections, depth of field (which is quite effective) etc.
  • Grass decoration in Terrain properties (definitely adds depth, and vegetation is important!)
  • Change the tree leaves colour to match the rest of the scenes vegetation, a darker green would be more suited.
  • Mix and match between the ground terrain texture and grass, I would suggest changes the colours of these to be similar in the Terrain properties).
  • Lanterns on the pathways, with an orange/ yellow tint to reflect the candle inside linking to the context of the scene.

These are all my recommendations but overall it looks great! Good luck on your future in developing and I hope to see some more great content, hope any of these suggestions helped you out. Good luck! :smiley:

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