Medium Poly, Enemy NPC Modeling Workflow

Looking for some help! [Medium Poly, Enemy NPC Workflow)

  1. I am needing some help, the project I am working on is needing some Enemies, I will link
    some examples later on. I am wanting help to understand the workflow of doing so. The steps it takes. I am feeling a little stuck with this right now, I really love the sounds of doing it, and I would REALLY love to start making these ASAP. It’s only a matter of how to start out.

  2. Here are some images of what I am meaning. (These do not have to be exact, obviously they won’t be) I am wanting to know how I would start these off, but in Roblox Studio compatible.

  3. I have been looking at videos, but they don’t really seem to fit the Roblox Compatible part of it. So, I am trying here, of course there are some lovely modelers here that could maybe help guide me in the right path on this one.

I am wanting these to look really Sci-Fi. This game is fairly detailed, so I figured to make it detailed as well. Thanks for helping me if you decide to!


So I don’t dabble in characters like at all, but here’s how I would go about it. First, youre going to want to make the basic figure of your npc. Then, once you’ve done that, go ahead and add details and fix it up. Make sure you don’t do the details while you’re making the basic shape, it will become time consuming and boring. Here’s the catch: You have to keep it under 10k Tris. Unless you’re fine with having your character in separate parts, which will look weird, you’re going to have to make a skinned mesh, which is just one mesh with a Armature deform/ bone setup on it, which you can now import into roblox as a Custom character and animate. Once you have the detailed mesh under 10k tris, install bones onto your mesh following this tutorial: Roblox SkinnedMeshes/Deformation Tutorial - YouTube
That should be about what you need! Reply if you have questions. :+1:
[edit:] I would watch some tutorials on blender character modeling to help you get a sense of humanoid structure and how to scale it.


Alright, thank you so much! I will be taking a look at all of these.

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