Medium Poly Modeler/Builder for hire(CHEAP)

About Me
Hello I am Kai but I go By Starry or StarryX.
I am a Modeler and map builder with a little less than a year.
What I can Offer you

  • Modeling(Mostly Weapons but I do others)
  • Map Building
  • Building(Houses, Cafes, etc)

My Work
Here are some Examples of my work
Models: Model Preview - Roblox
Map: Small Map Exp - Roblox
Cafe: Cafe Build Preview - Roblox

I am Available about 1 hour on weekdays and about 2 or 3 on weekends.

Gun(Pistol) - 50 robux

Gun(Shotgun/Sniper) - 100 Robux

Melee(Dagger) - 25 Robux

Melee(Sword) - 50 Robux


Small Map/Lobby - 200R$

Medium Map - 300R$

Big Map - 500R$

Twitter: StarryChl

Discord: @StarryXx#6513

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You tag is not working. Add me at Ghostriderx117#5539

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How much would it cost for some cars?

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