Medival Tower {Low Poly}

Hey Builders/Modelers! I was bored and I decided to build this. I am wondering I need suggestions what too add too this good building(Note- There is no roof, still working on that)

Pictures- acooltower

Thanks for Reading!


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Thats a great lowpoly build but the door looks a little bad, maybe you should make it something like this (but lowpolier)

Doesn’t look like a tower at all right now, you should move the doors position it’s inside of the wall. The shape is very weird, you should change the whole build entirely.

I somewhat agree with @21stPsalm on this. The build itself doesn’t really look like a typical medieval tower and when most people think of a medieval tower, they imagine designs that look more like this.

However, this build could be modified a bit to look like something else and it doesn’t have to be scrapped.

You should add some details to roof! To make this look much more better.

I love this tower, is it being featured in any upcoming games? @Pr_amise