Melee tools for Monster RPG (15-20k group funds payment)

I’m commissioning a set of monster melee and movement ability tools for a new game. If anyone can get these done by 4/20 then I’m willing to pay 15k robux. I’ll pay 20k if they are working and tested on 4/18.


  • You must have 2+ years of experience with making custom tools that involve animations. I will ask to see previous work so don’t apply if you aren’t qualified.
  • Must be responsive, motivated, hardworking and have good work ethic. (I don’t work with lazy people)
  • The tools must be mobile/tablet compatible.

Essentially each tool is a melee or movement ability that has an animation and a sound that goes with it. When the tool is activated, the sound and the animation play, while a function does damage to players on the enemy team that get hit by the attack.

Basic tools: Swing, lunge, dash, pounce, double jump(not a tool), invisibility

  • grapple tool - makes ray where clicked from the player and brings the player holding tool to that spot. 8 second cooldown.

  • acid spit(makes a ray where clicked that blinds enemy players hit by the ray for 3 seconds)

  • burp (area of effect) - when the tool is activated green looking particles come out of player and deal damage to those in a 10 stud range for 5 seconds. 12 second cooldown



So you just need a 3d Artist to do the Mesh, or do you also need an scripter that does it all?


There are no meshes. It simply plays an animation that swings the players arms and such. Grapple tool will shoot out of the players hand(without a mesh as well)

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What I could use is the ‘burp’ particle

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Hey I am interested, what platform do you want to use to communicate about the job?

discord. message me on here for it

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