Melee weapons system

Hi, i wan’t to show you my new sword system, it’s my first serious sytem that uses neutral hitbox detection to check players/parts ect… and client side effects to make your work easier.

with a bit of knowledge, you can create your own melee weapon, with custom hitbox, damage, cooldown, sounds,animations and create your own effects when using it!

it’s have a cooldown on two sides, because if normal player will spam, it will crash the game. soo don’t change cooldown on client!!!

to make new sword/ability you have to make new model with script inside.

I know it’s not good made, because if you wan’t different damage, you have to make new ability, but it’s not a problem if you have different types and animations.

Solution for that?

  1. Two swords have different abilities.

  2. Add multiplier system to it

  3. Try to upgrade code

I’m new to making things like this, soo keep it in mind, anyways, here is system.

link: System

edit: i made a upgraded version of weapon identification, now you can choose beetween abilities, or simply click to attack, you can make another things too, apart of making press key to use ability, link below:
Alternative System

If you have any questions, ask, this system is not the best, but it can do for simple game like roleplay or basic fighting


mind adding some screenshots or videos of the system? Maybe some samples of code would be nice as well.


I definitely think you should elaborate more with this resource, I love the idea!


idk, i though about adding both ideas into one, but i discontinued project, it’s not the best, and it’s good for fun

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