Melonvie - clothing designer | gfx | builder (COMMS CLOSED)

Hello! My name is Mel and I make clothing designs, graphics (GFXs), renders, and builds! I currently have my own group called emoure with 390+ members. I also work at a big clothing group, eyriest, that has over 44k members!

I started to make GFXs, clothing, and renders at the beginning of 2019 and got more into building when I got started with my own clothing group, as I made homestores for it! Check out all of my work below.



If you would like to buy or look at more of my clothing designs, check out emoure and eyriest!


emoure logo emoure (16) Blend1

Different types of logos and GFXs can be ordered, these are just my examples!


If you would like a different pose, you can always let me know!


You can check out the current homestore I made for my group which includes some of my clothing designs. You can also check out some of my showcases located on my profile games.

I’m mostly available during the weekdays at any time during the day! It usually takes me around a week or less to finish an order unless I’m busy with school or other orders. If there is a specific time frame you give me to finish your commission, I will try my best to finish during your time frame.

My payment usually depends on how detailed you want your gfx, render, clothing design, or build. I allow the payment to be sent from group funds or from a t-shirt. The price is always negotiable so if you are interested in ordering, contact me using the contact information below. But the usual price for an outfit is 50-200, GFX is around 100-400, and a build would be around 1k or more.

You can contact me on Developer Forum or via Discord: mel#4000

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If you would like to give me any feedback on my work I would appreciate that too! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! :heartpulse:


Hello, just a question but on your builds, how much would a small-medium sized homestore be? Or, how much would one clothing piece be?

Hi! I would say maybe around 500-2000 for the build or so but it really depends what you want and for the clothing price I would say 50-150!


Okay, well I only have 57 group funds at the moment. So, what kind of clothing would you design for that amount?

I can design anything simple, if you want to message me on Discord or on here in messages, I’m open to discuss what you would like and the set price!

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Okay, I’ll message you on here, since I don’t have discord.

I have worked with Mel before, and I was very impressed with her work. If you need a clothing designer, GFX artist or builder, Mel is the person for you!


Hello! I have a question about your designs. How much would it cost for a full outfit?

Hi! Maybe around 50-100. We can chat more in messages about it!

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Melonvie is such a talented clothing designer. I ordered a simple, dark outfit from them, and they got it done pretty fast. Now note, that I did not give them a specific time range to have it by.

I would highly recommend ordering from them, because they provide every detail possible, and they get it done with a reasonable amount of time.


Yoo, you got some amazing work! I’m interested in hiring you to make some Aesthetic Clothing’s for my clothing group which currently has 470 Members. I’m hoping to launch in the coming month but in need for some clothes to fill the homestore. Here is my discord: Zakaruko#2029

Hoping to get in contact with you very soon! :slight_smile:

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You are so gifted, awesome work!


How much would a medium sized café be without furniture?

Maybe around 1k-5k? But whatever works for you

Sorry for the late reply, but we can chat about it!

I believe we already did a day ago on discord. My apologies but I didn’t realize you don’t have premium. I actually need my designers to have premium in order to upload since it’s much easier. Unless if you do have premium, we can talk further on.

I am interested in some clothing, how much would a normal piece on clothing cost?

I have sent you a friend request! (ivna#0001) I look forward to working with you!

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Oh yes! That’s okay, thanks for reaching out earlier.

Around 50-100 robux! Depends on how detailed.