Member bug report - Dragger issues

Has anyone been noticing this behaviour as of recently? Because this is really getting annoying.

Around the time it became august, this has started to happen, the dragger doesn’t work when the camera is close up to it. You can see the part isn’t at a maximum length, the grid snap is set to .1, and it scales just fine when I move further away, the heck is going on here.

I can’t build precisely if I can’t even manipulate parts with the camera close up.

Even more confusing is it depends on the camera’s angle relative to the part, often times when scaling and moving the camera at the same time the part scales to an improper degree contradictory to how much I move my cursor.

Further development: this is just a bloody mess at this point.

Does this happen in an empty baseplate? Or is this particular to this experience?

This issue is too unpredictable for that to be a valid test, plus in the videos, these are just basic parts with no special properties.

The reason i ask is because it seems that there is an invisible gui that is small and centered to the screen that might be obstructing your mouse that was accidentally left there… when you zoom out the part you are dragging is now shifted over away from the center and maybe out of the way of the gui and so it works.

An empty baseplate was to rule this out. Its easy to test another way. Just stay zoomed in and shift your position sideways until you can move the part you want to click on to the edge of the screen, and see if u can drag it.

There are no GUI elements, the only things I have in StarterGUI are scripts. You can even see in the videos I have no “Show/Hide GUI” button, meaning there is absolutely no GUI to impede, I also have no plugins with GUI active.

Have u tried to reinstall studio?

Literally had it update after posting this topic and the issue is still present.

I have reinstalled studio and to no surprise, issue is still present.

One last thought… whatever you activated to highlight the parts in different color outline, try deactivating that.

You’re not that experienced with studio, are you.
My non-standard selection colour is a customisation option of studio, no reason why that would affect this.

But I have made a finding that this is happening when parts are very long.
No I am NOT going to have multiple short parts to fix this, that is not performance friendly and just complicates the building process.

Interesting. This does not happen to me.

What is the size of the parts, and does it happen to unions on your end?

Usually this bug starts happening when the part exceeds 100-200 something studs, and yes it also happens if I turn it into a union.

Usually you have to have the camera 2-4 studs away from the dragger handle in order to see the bug happen.

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I’ve seen it a few times recently, but usually when I’ve been running Studio for an extended period of time and on long Parts. I think there have been a few posts over the last 6 months or so with people having this issue. If I remember correctly the Move tool may be affected too.
I wasn’t doing anything precise when I had the issue so I just moved the camera back as a work around.

Do you have any plugins that might be affecting resizing/moving? I wonder if plugins are affected by a Roblox update.
If we have one or more of the same plugins maybe try removing them to rule them out.
I’ve got StudioBuildSuite, Archimedes3, Meshfix, MeshOptimization, Wingman8BuildTools, StravantGapfill, Oozledraw (modified by Quenty).

Actually, I’ve seen this bug before. This started happening when the draggers considered the Pivot origin the origin of the dragger.

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