Member count label on group search wraps incorrectly for 100k+ members

Ever since I reached 100k+ members the ‘‘100k+’’ is in the wrong place. It’s supposed to be next to the 3 people icon like the other groups but it’s underneath it.


It’s supposed to be next to it not underneath.

You can see it here:


It looks fine on my screen. But maybe because it has 101k? Or just my different web browser. I use google chrome.

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I’m pretty sure it’s because it just hit 101k.

The 0 is likely a little bit larger in that font than the 1. They should test this with the widest number possible to make sure it wraps properly in all cases.


It could be your browser zoom screen or its the 0 is bigger than the 1 thing that @buildthomas mentioned.


My group doesn’t have 1 or 0 and isn’t wrapped properly.

This is what I’m saying… it happens for certain combinations of 3 digits, so they should make a fix and add a test to make sure the widest possible number doesn’t get wrapped.

this has been this way for quite some time huh
will have a fix for this out on monday


Fixed! Lemme know if you see any issues with it.


I think there’s another issue, so basically as you see from the screenshot above the group with less members is above the group with more members. Is this supposed to happen?

That is unrelated to this, and specific to search: we don’t order by number of members necessarily. If you have thoughts on how it could be improved, please submit a feature request :slight_smile:


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