Meme Game I made

Hello, I recently made this game to test out ads and ctr, but I have decided to share it with you.!/game-instances
yes I know that this is low quality, but it took multiple hours to get the backdoors out and I made the sword purchasing script and UI myself (I am just starting with scripting).


That’s a very high quality meme game

Here’s some advice. Keep making non-public test games without using free models. I’d say to start out by learning how to script property changes, because that’s literally the simplest thing that you can learn that will make the biggest difference. After you made a few test concept games, try making a real game when you’re confident enough. Have a friend or two test the game and rate it on the basis of actual quality without any pity being shown. If they give you at least an 8/10, you should publish the game and roll ads and sponsorships on it.

Edit: If you’re going to sponsor the game, I suggest REALLY making sure it’s high quality. If it’s the best it can be then sponsor it for at least 5000 robux.

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I could do way better, I just did this to test sponsors.

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If you want to see what I can actually do, check out my game on my profile, Zombies in Town

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The game you referenced is full of free models. Randomly placed drooling zombies and random npc’s. Sorry but that is almost the same quality as the meme game. Good try anyways. Wish you luck on making new games!

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I scripted the guns though and I made the entire audio system. I also scripted the NPCs walking.

Hello there

sry for bad english

You made the game nicely even tho you used free models But…
The NPC fight themselves and also kill players at the very moment the reach ground
and morphs are not working for me but it perfectly works for you friend or who knows you in real life he played with me for sometime and left

and Npc speed should be slowed the clown is very annoying
and the sword should be free or else ppl will leave the game
anyways its eazy to survive if stay upstairs and maybe add some more villains and script them so that they can stop fighting for themselves and maybe add gun, skins, knifes, pets and the Game will be interesting


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No I am talking about my other game, zombies in town.

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