Memey button game - Feedback needed

Good morning, afternoon or evening!

Today I made a game, inspired by Don’t Press the Button, and would like feedback. There are only 5 “outcomes” so far, so please be wary!

Thank ya!


It worked for the first 2 times I used the button, but after I used it the third time one of the assets didn’t load in and the button broke.

That is the only bug I seen from it, apart from that the game itself is very well made!

Huh, didn’t happen in testing…

Thank you for the positive feedback :smiley:

Game looks good, however if you shot the kitchen gun right as everyone gets reset, it will keep the bullet line in the workspace. I recommend using Debris Service to fix this. Also, on the one that makes the skybox galaxy, nothing happens. It just changes the skybox. Is this meant to be like this?

Edit: Nevermind, it have now noticed that it lowers gravity.


Yeah I really need to give an indicator that the gravity is lowered

Maybe make a text label GUI, and when someone presses the button it will show what event it is, in this example the GUI would say “Low Gravity!”. You could do this with remote events by firing the text (through a parameter) to all of the players clients.

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