Memezy - Portfollio


Hello, thanks for checking out my portfollio. This is my first one so its going to look trash, but hopefully itll work for now whilst I grow my skillset and portfollio. I am a 15 year old programmer based in the U.S.A on the ROBLOX platform. I’ve been programming for around 3 years, give or take a couple months, and I believe now is a good time to open some commissions.


I can program most systems need made, however I will struggle with some, as with all developers. I have never attempted to create any magic/abilities, and guns. I would like to create these in the future, however I would not hire me souly for this purpose. I can create most systems fine, in the past I have completed teleportation systems, hotel check in system, cafe administration system, cafe ordering system, etc. I have created more in the past, however these are the ones that I remember off the top of my head.


I unfortunately am still in school, so I will not be on programming your request most the time. I try to dedicate at least 3 hours a day to programming, however things may happen, such as assignments, which will change this. I can program on weekdays (Mon - Fri), and on weekends too, however I am usually busy on weekends. I’ll always try my best to get any job I have done ASAP.


For now, I will only accept USD, perferabbly via PayPal, as I don’t have an interest in any ROBLOX games, thus making ROBUX useless to me. I will not accept commissions with a pay of under 20 USD, as I believe it will be a waste of my time. I will accept forign currecies, however you will be responsible for any conversion fees. I would like a down payment of at least 25% of the total cost, however I may not ask of this if I am unsure if I can complete the task. I ask for this because I do not want to waste my time on a “commission” when I could be working on another, only to get scammed at the end.

Past Work

Now that I got all that information out of the way, you should only be reading here if you know that I am a good programmer for what you need made. These examples are somewhat old, and I don’t really have newer examples as I haven’t had any new jobs to create any new examples. I will keep this updated, so do check back :slight_smile:

Here is a game that can showcase the mod menu I mentioned earlier (Discord connections are also intact and working)

Egg hatching system (Approach the egg and press E to hatch)

Past Examples


You can contact me either here or Discord, however I prefer Discord as I rarely check the Devforum for messages.


Alternatively, hopefully this doesn’t fall under advertisement, but you can contact me easier by joining a Discord server I have. It’s a simple server used to test a bot I have, but the bot is complete and it is coded to log vouches,. so you can check my vouches and add vouches if you would like :slight_smile: