Memory Store - Sorted Map Service (by AstrophsicaDev)

Hi all,

I have created a free model that I thought could be helpful for the wider community. The script should not be too hard to understand as well, assuming you are familiar with using data services like DataStorage.

lt handles using memory store for sorted maps, which has a temporary cache and repeat call system in the event that a failure occurs.


  • Gets sorted map data via sorted map name and key
  • Sets sorted map key and data via sorted map name
  • Gets range (or if not specified, all) keys and data via sorted map name
  • Removes sorted map key and data
  • Tempory cache for get and set. Does not include get range
  • Repeat call system for when MemoryStoreService is used, including attempt and wait time between calls

How to use:

To use it, you need to trigger bindable events or bindable functions, located within the Events and Functions folder. To check what parameters are needed for the bindables, check the “MemoryStore” script and scroll to the very bottom. You will see the bindables and what functions they are connected to. Go to that function and see what parameters it uses.

To adjust temporary cache storage time or repeat call attempt limit, then scroll to the top section named “Variables” and adjust the CacheTime and AttemptLimit variables

If you do not understand the parameters or the script, then refer to Roblox doc: MemoryStoreSortedMap | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Free model link:


Thank you for providing the information. Could you please clarify which specific sample code you’d like to see in action? If you have a particular code snippet or example in mind, would you please provide it? It’s really helpful to know how it’s used.

I have updated the free model. It now contains a disabled “Example” script, which you can enable to see the output.

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