Memory Usage Optimization

I recently updated my loading screen script and when I opened Developer Console, it says that I’m using ~1400 MB of memory. I found out that the average memory usage for games are ~700 MB.

I disabled all (2) scripts and it just goes down to around ~1200 MB even though I have a pretty small map.

Is it in Studio play mode or in the Roblox game ?
Because the memory usage is so much highter in studio, so it do not reflect your real game memory usage.


right, thats a huge difference. Is there any tips on memory usage I could use in the near future

Yep, i know that popular Roblox games do their best do stay at ~400/500MB of Memory usage, mostly to allow Mobile players to enjoy the game with good performances.

Memory usage can be reduced a litle bit by limiting variables and functions you’re using in your scripts, make sure to clean up connections and variables when they are no-longer required and avoid to do too much loops code for sure… but scripting part isn’t really the most important about it.

Building is a huge Memory Usage consuming, make sure that your meshes doesn’t have a polycount much higher than they need to have, try avoiding having to much parts collisions and make sure to disable collisions on decorations objects which can’t be accessed by players.
Take care to use terrain efficiently, add textures only on the visible parts of meshes, and try to reuse textures/meshes rather than having a ton of unique assets.


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