Memory Usage Very High

My memory usage in my developer stats is very high when I play in roblox studio (2000 MB). Does anybody have any tips on keeping it down? I’m not sure why this is happening.


Maybe there’s too many scripts ?

Or too many parts ?

Or both ?

I don’t think so. I only have 4 scripts, ranging from 20 to 70 lines and 700 parts.

Have you tried looking at the dev stats in game rather than in studio? there may be a difference

Otherwise there may be something wrong with your code

Actually, I just did that and it was only at 500ish MB, but still to high any tips at bringing it down?

My game is fresh brand new with 1900MB in studio, it’s not your game.

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Maybe this can help you.

Ok thanks a lot for your help.

It could be due to any of your PC specs.

Solved but wanted to comment on this:

500Mb is actually close to borderline minimum, so don’t worry about that.
And studio adds about 1.4-1.6Gb of memory because it’s running both the server and the client + studio’s functions itself.

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Ok, Thats pretty interesting, thanks for the extra info.