MemoryStore Analytics seem inaccurate/unreliable

My MemoryStore analytics show that I am not even close to hitting my limits.



Given that I’m barely at 1% utilization on these charts, you’d expect smooth sailing. Let’s check our response chart:

Failure Status Requests:

These analytics show only 3 non-successful requests over the last 7 days, which is definitely the smooth sailing we anticipated. 1 TotalRequestsOverLimit, which is strange when the above graph shows my request count nowhere near the limit. 2 InternalError, which is annoying but no big deal. Cool.

Then we go to my error logs and search for “MemoryStoreService”… and it tells a different story.

MemoryStores are failing far more than the above graphs are claiming.

By my error log counts, I’m seeing a very different story. I’m not going through 20 pages of error logs and adding up the counts, but I can assure you it’s a lot higher than 3.

Expected behavior

I have several expectations that are not being met:

  1. MemoryStoreService should be a lot more reliable- this is an unacceptable amount of InternalError responses.
  2. My analytics should reflect my true situation. I am unsure what my real utilization is. Are the throttling errors mistaken, or am I overutilizing?
  3. MemoryStoreService errors are quite unhelpful.
    MemoryStoreService: InternalError: Internal Error. does not provide any insight into what is going wrong and how I can work around it.
    RequestThrottled: Recent MemoryStores requests hit one or more limits. Are my total requests too high, or is it failing because I hit the limit for a single queue/map?

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


The error still exists, I encountered it yesterday and it really spoiled my mood.
Also, in my game, the quota did not exceed a total of 2%, there were jumps, but they did not exceed it, but still there were many errors related to the fact that somehow the quota was exceeded, which leads me into confusion.

And I also encounter another error.

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