MemoryStore GetSortedMap limits

Hello, I have been trying to find any docs on the function GetSortedMap for MemoryStore.

I can’t find anything relating to limits of this function. Is the name passed in any length we want?

Here is where you can find it included as an API member.

Here is the most useful page where it describes the instance that the function returns.

This was not really helpful, there is no indication of limits for the name of a map.

Oh my apologies, I could have sworn there was the limits displayed there. I will poke around my older pages and try to remember where I saw them!

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the limits are here:
Memory Store Sorted Map | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

This is not limits pertaining to the name of a sorted map, this is limits pertaining to the key inside a sorted map.

my bad, misunderstood your question. after some testing, I found out that the name may have a limit of 128 characters, the same as the key character limit.

script I used:

local MemoryStoreService = game:GetService("MemoryStoreService")

local SortedMap = MemoryStoreService:GetSortedMap(string.rep("e",128))

local SortedMap = MemoryStoreService:GetSortedMap(string.rep("e",129))
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Thank you for testing this <3 I appreciate it

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