Memorystore question

Hi, I wanted to ask if MemoryStore (Introducing MemoryStore - High Throughput, Low Latency Data Service!) could be a good replacement for server-sided modules, that store stuff like players current Mana or Fighter, this means that the values change very often.

These values most likely don’t need to be accessed by other servers, so just store them normally.

Following up on what @Pokemoncraft5290 said,
In the forum post it details that similar to Datastores, MemoryStore has a maximum request queue, and can also fail due to network errors.

Not just could this cause errors in the functionality of your code, but could also largely affect servers with high ping.

Best these values are just kept on the server.

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Thanks, so what would be a good scenario for Memorystore to use it?

The classic scenario would be matchmaking across servers, you can add players to a “matchmaking queue” through memory store. Memory store lets you specify priorities, and also lets you define how many results you want to pull.

When to store data on the server?

If its one player or only going on in one server.

Although server storage is volatile and is lost when a server closes, in this case use datastores with game:BindToClose() or game.Players.PlayerRemoving

When to store data with Memory Store?

When you have a live marketplace over multiple servers or content that would usually use MessageService

Don’t use for long term use.

When to store data with DataStore?

Long term use that need critical statistics but not quickly changing.

Not really for server communication.